Make Your City and Event Venues Smart Overnight

October 2 – 2:30 pm to 3:15 pm

You can’t be a smart city until you’re first a connected city. And becoming a connected city requires a tight collaboration between municipalities, utilities and commercial businesses to provide solutions that benefit the citizens of those communities – and do so in such a way that it’s affordable, respectful of the environment and sustainable. The demand for data is growing exponentially and is expected to stay on this steep growth curve for the foreseeable future. Finding sustainable solutions to deliver this increasing need for data requires leveraging existing infrastructure and finding simple and smart solutions that keep costs low.

Kendra Paschall, Regional Sales Director at Ubicquia, a global leader in simply smart, simply connected network and IoT platforms for smart cities, will discuss creative smart city solutions that leverage the hundreds of millions of streetlight poles and light fixtures that currently exist worldwide –to help cities and operators rapidly densify their networks, improve wireless network capacity and increase macro network efficiency.



Tom Frank

Ubicquia: Area Sales Manager ‑ Central Region