Keynote: Connecting the Future – Trends and Technologies Transforming Tomorrow

October 1 – 8:30 am to 9:30 am
Wisconsin Ballroom

Join Futurist Simon J. Anderson for an entertaining and thought-provoking look at the emerging technologies and trends transforming broadband and the communities it connects. This eye-opening presentation brings attention to important advancements that are reshaping the future and provides new approaches to anticipating the opportunities and challenges that these advancements could create. This customized keynote addresses not only new trends and technologies, but also the increasing challenges of keeping up with rapid advancement. You will learn proven methods to help navigate these changes and think about the future differently. Lastly, specific actions will be shared that can be taken right away to be better positioned to survive and thrive in the future.

Introduction and Overview (5 min)

Intro story, brief overview of futurism and foresight work (as well as its application and relevance to attendees) and a general overview of the presentation.

Introduction of “3A Thinking” Framework (5 min)

To be future ready in a fast-changing world, we should pay attention to how fast the world is changing, Anticipate the possibilities that these changes could create, and take action to turn those opportunities into realities.

Five Factors that can cloud how we think about the future (15 min)

Thinking about the future is not easy, and there are a few specific things that make it even more difficult. Once we recognize our own biases and assumptions, we can begin thinking more clearly about the future and be better able to anticipate the possibilities.

• Linear vs Exponential Thinking Our naturally think linearly – small incremental changes over time – but for decades, many disparate technologies have been advancing exponentially. The further out we are thinking in the future, the more disconnected our expectations can be from reality.

• Importance of Unlearning


Simon Anderson

Founder & Chief Foresight Officer of Venture Foresight, Emerging Trends Consultant