Emerging Technologies Track Break-Out Room

Emerging Technologies

October 2

Why Strategy is Paramount to Success in Planning Your Smart City/IoT Future

What really is a Smart City?  If we agree as a foundation that it is holitically weaving in technology in to the very fabric of communities centered around innovation and … Read more

Emerging Technologies

October 2

Make Your City and Event Venues Smart Overnight

You can’t be a smart city until you’re first a connected city. And becoming a connected city requires a tight collaboration between municipalities, utilities and commercial businesses to provide solutions that benefit the citizens of those communities – and do so in such a way that it’s affordable, respectful … Read more

  • 2:30 pm to 3:15 pm
  • Speakers: Tom Frank
  • Sandbar
Emerging Technologies

October 1

Best Practices for Smart City Connectivity

Urban and rural areas are evolving to cater to changes in technology while presenting new opportunities for improved public safety, connectivity and the overall experience of its inhabitants. Crucial to … Read more